# Changelog

# v1.9.0

Release Day: 02 Jul 2020

  • Added path separator replacement: you can now use / on any os instead of e.g. using \ for windows machines in your .ls-lint.yml file

# v1.8.0

Release Day: 18 Mar 2020

  • Added glob support: you can now use packages/** or packages/*/src

# v1.7.0

Release Day: 17 Mar 2020

  • Rules improved: more tests, more flexibility, digits allowed

# v1.6.0 (!)

Release Day: 17 Mar 2020

Breaking changes

This version could break your current .ls-lint.yml configuration

  • Rules are not longer logicly and combined - now they are logicly or combined by |

# v1.5.0

Release Day: 13 Mar 2020

  • Npm packages ls-lint-darwin and ls-lint-linux are not longer supported. Please use @ls-lint/ls-lint instead for linux, macOS and windows support